Australia / 2003 / 105 minutes / 35mm / Colour / English with French subtitles
Director: Rolf DeHeer / Screenplay: Rolf DeHeer / Cinematography: Ian Jones / Editor: Tania Nehme / Music: Graham Tardif / Producers: Julie Ryan, Domenico Procacci, Rolf DeHeer / Cast: Gary Sweet, Helen Buday, Bogdan Koca.
Steve is an office worker; he is an ordinary guy who goes calmly along with the events of family life with his wife, Alexandra, and their two children. The day of his birthday, he is promoted. In a hurry to announce the good news, Steve leaves his office and goes home, only to find the house empty and silent. He finds a present and a video inside with a card that reads "watch me."
Rolf DeHeer was born in Holland in 1951. He was 12 when he left with his parents to go to New Zealand, only to return to Holland and eventually come back to Australia. A graduate of the AFTRS, he directed his first film in 1985 called Tail of a Tiger. In 1993, Bad Boy Bubby won an award at the Venice Film Festival. His films were later selected for the Cannes Film Festival (The Quiet Room, Dance Me To My Song) and the Berlin Film Festival (Alexandra's Project).