This year we take great pleasure in paying tribute to one of the most fascinating directors of our time, New Zealander Jane Campion. Her most recent film, In The Cut, a magnificent, disturbing and exciting film, starring Meg Ryan, has been chosen as the closing night feature.

For the duration of the festival, Saint Tropez, a long-time home of cinema and image, will be the place where audiences discover a cinematography of surprising variety, ranging from romantic bitter-sweet comedies to more disturbing works in the style of Stuart McKenzie's For Good, a film depicting the feelings of fascination and ambivalence which can arise from meetings with a criminal.

Artistic director, Anne Demy-Geroe of the Brisbane International Film Festival, will preside over the jury selecting the Best Australian or New Zealand Short Film and awarding the Nicolas Baudin Prize, generously supported by Terra Australis 2001.

The premiere of Lucinda Clutterbuck's Les Contes des Animaux in the ‘Antipodes Junior’ section provides an ideal example of the opportunity for young audiences to learn more about Australia and New Zealand and their people.

New to this year's festival will be the screening of films in DVD format. Sandra Sciberras' independent film Deeper Than Blue will be presented in this format, which has been chosen for commercial distribution in Australia. Another addition will be the screening of films shot in the new 50 minute format. In this genre, Martha’s New Coat by Rachel Ward and Preservation dby Sofya Gollan, provide two excellent examples.

Artists exhibiting an inspiring collection of work at the festival include New Zealand painter Douglas MacDiarmid and Australian painter Peter Griffen. Australian photographer Nathalie Latham will also present portraits of Australian artists living in Paris.

Finally, Sue Brook's passionate, intense and often surprising road movie, Japanese Story starring Toni Collette, has been chosen to open the "Fifth Rencontres Internationales du Cinema des Antipodes."

Happy festival.

Bernard Bories
President of Cinema des Antipodes