IN THE CUT - Closing Night -
USA - French release the 17 December 2003 / 35mm / Colour / English with French subtitles
Direction: Jane Campion / Screenplay: Jane Campion and Susanna Moore, based on her novel / Cinematography: Dion Beebe / Editor: Alexandre De Franceschi / Producer: Nicole Kidman, Laurie Parker / Cast: Meg Ryan, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Mark Ruffalo, Nick Damici.
An English Professor, Frannie, lives alone in New York. One night in a bar, she witnesses an intimate scene between a man and a woman. Fascinated by the intensity of their passion, she only has time to notice the man's tattoo and the warmth of his eyes. The next day, she learns that a murder has been committed in her neighbourhood. Malloy, the detective in charge of investigations, thinks she knows something. Frannie feels herself attracted to him but his attitude scares her, as does the tattoo on his wrist. Doubts start to creep into her mind…