Nathalie Latham studied in Japan which allowed her to work as translator when she returned to Australia. After she received her Masters of Arts from the University of Sydney, she left for Paris to begin her career in the production of documentaries. She has subsequently made a series of documentaries on the condition of Burmese children, To the Children of Burma, Don't Show My Face.
Apart from her television documentaries, she is developing a photographic series based on her favourite themes: the study of general and social differences and cultural creativity. Her collection "Creative Diaspora : Paris - Australian Artists living in Paris" exhibited at the "Fifth Rencontres Internationales du Cinéma des Antipodes" presents to us the Australian artist community in Paris. Presented here are the snapshots of writer Wesley Enoch, director Samantha Lang or author Julia Leigh. Each person was able to chose their special place in Paris, that which best defined them and characterised their cultural integration.

Note: the photographer has now repeated this experience in New York, asking Australian artists living there to pose for her.