Australia / 1980 / 92 minutes / 35mm / Colour / English with French subtitles
Director: John Honey / Screenplay: Ken Kelso based on the novel by Beth Roberts / Cinematography: Gary Hensen / Music: Peter Sculthorpe / Editor: Mike Woolveridge / Producer: Gilda Baracchi / Cast: Mawuyul Yanthalawuy, Anna Ralph, Philip Hinton, Elaine Mangan.
Joanna remembers her childhood. In 1830, she is six years old when English soldiers colonise Tasmania and massacre the Aborigines. Manganinnie, a young female Aborigine and the guardian of the fire stick, is the only one of her group to escape death. She then goes in search of her people, hoping to find them by following the ancestral migratory cycles. One day, she crosses paths with Joanna, daughter of a white colonist. Drawn towards the sparkling firestick Manganinnie holds in her hand, Joanna decides to follow her. And so a strange adventure begins...
Since 1974, John Honey has been writing short films for both film and television. He has also produced and directed several television series for children. From 1986, he worked as executive producer for Australian children's radio, television and education. Following two years working in the United States as a scriptwriter and director, he finished a 13-part, hour-long TV series called Frontiers of Flight. Manganinnie is his only fiction feature film and has been recognised in a number of festivals worldwide.