• Audience Prize for best feature film

2000 Audience Prize: Monkey’s Mask
by Samantha Lang

2001 Audience Prize:
No prize awarded.

2002 Audience Prize:
Beneath Clouds
by Ivan Sen

2003 Audience Prize:
Stavros Kazantzidis

  • Best Male New Talent from the Antipodes /Best Female New Talent from the Antipodes 

    This prize spotlights an actor and an actress from Australia or New Zealand whose talent has been particularly obvious during the year

Best Female New Talent
2001 : Susie Porter
2002 : Danielle Hall
2003 : Michelle Langstone

Best Male New Talent
2001 : Ben Mendelsohn
2002 : David Wehnam
2003 : Gary Sweet

  • Nicolas Baudin Prize for best short film

Created in 2002 as part of the Anniversary of the Bicentenary of Baudin’s voyage of discovery, the Nicolas Baudin Prize will reward the best Australian or New Zealand short film.

The jury is made up of prominent personalities of the art scene. Its president is an Australian or a New Zealander, who will be able to give to the French jury members all the information they need on the film and popular culture of the Antipodes.

The winner is awarded the sum of 1,000 euros, granted by one of the festival’s sponsors.

2003 Nicolas Baudin Prize for best short film :
Ash Wednesday by Jason Tolsher (AUS)