New Zealand / 2002 / 85 minutes / 35mm / Colour / English with French subtitles
Director: Jason Stutter / Screenplay: Jemaine Clement, Jason Stutter / Cinematography: Jason Stutter / Music: Steve Roche / Editor: Jason Stutter / Producers: Jason Stutter, Andrew Calder / Cast: Sam Manu, Jemaine Clement, Linda Tseng, Charles Lum, Dave Fane.
Since his father was eaten by a fish, Sione has been brought up to follow the way of the ninja. Now he must journey towards his greatest challenge and defend the beautiful Miss Lee and her restaurant from Mr. Big and the Syndicate. These men will stop at nothing to get hold of the restaurant. His long years of training in Tonga will help him face his adversaries.
Jason Stutter went straight from school into the film industry where he trained as an editor before moving into directing. Since 1995 he has completed a string of short films and Tonga Ninja, his first feature film, has already gained international attention. He is currently developing his next feature film with Midnight Films and the New Zealand Film Commission.