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Australia / 2003 / 75 minutes / 35mm / Colour / English with French subtitles
Director: Georgina Willis / Screenplay: Kerry Rock & Georgina Willis / Cinematography: Paul Kolsky, David Perry / Music: Allyson Newman / Editor: Georgina Willis, Kerry Rock / Producers: Kerry Rock / Cast: Jai Koutrae, Sandra Stockley, Ruth McDonald, Ellouise Rothwell, Michelle Tristram.
There are things that we cannot explain and that haunt us forever. Jim's life revolves completely around the memory of his first love, Catherine. He is now married to another woman, Louise, who knows nothing of his former life. Jim, however has created his own fragile world, a world that centres around his passionate past. His daughter, Jasmine, is the only one that understands the world he lives in and the problems that result.
Georgina Willis is a young director who has built an international reputation resulting as much from her experience as a director as her work as a director of Photography. She has already directed six short films and now directed her first feature film. All these films have been presented at over 70 film festivals throughout the United States, Europe and Australia. In addition to her cinematographic work, Georgina also exhibits her sculptures in Australia and internationally.