FRIDAY 22 - 9H30
Producer & director : Jon Muir & Ian Darling
Australia/ 2003 / 52 minutes / DVD / colour / Documentary
In 2001, Jon Muir and his dog, Seraphine, began an odyssey to cross Australia on foot, from the coast of South Australia to the north coast of Queensland. 128 days and 2 500 kilometres later, on the point of starvation and exhaustion, Jon arrived in Burketown, becoming the first person to walk solo and unassisted across the continent of Australia. Jon Muir is no stranger to extreme adventures. He has climbed Mt. Everest, walked to the South Pole and North Pole, paddled alone in a sea kayak to the tip of Cape York; but this solo walk, which took him across four of the driest deserts in the world, was to be his toughest challenge to date. His only equipment was two trekking poles and home-made cart, containing a few essentials which he pulled behind him. The bulk of food came from what he could hunt or gather along the way.
Alone Across Australia is a film about Jon’s epic and spiritual journey into the heart and soul of Australia.