• PROGRAM 1 : FRIDAY 22, 18:00 :
    Black Berries, Grass, Three Weeks In Koh Samui, Rockpool, Mona Lisa, Le Violoncelle, Clutch, We Have Decided Not To Die, Birthday Boy.
  • PROGRAM 2 : SATURDAY 23, 11:00 :
    Ward 13, Blue Pole, His Father's Shoes, Man, Closer, Fleeting Beauty, Filatelista, TwoCars - One Night, Marco Solo.

Birthday Boy by Sejong Park (10’) AUS

A 3D animated film set during the Korean War. Little Manuk is playing on the streets of his village and dreaming of life at the front. When he returns home, he finds a birthday present that will change his life.

Black Berries by Emma Mulholland (16’) AUS

Candy and Lao are best friends. One day while walking home, the girls come to a laneway – the short cut. Lao begins to walk down it but, in a moment of loyalty, Candy remembers the promise she made to her mother and chooses the long way home.

Blue Poles by Darcy Yuille (15’) AUS

Australia. 1974. Libby, a tired hippie, is running from a failed relationship. She hitches a ride with a young farmer named Miles, who is on his way to Canberra. While staying together at a motel, Libby reads Miles' journal. She reviews the experiences they have shared in their short time together. She is both compelled and disturbed by the truths that lie in Miles' words. Blue Poles is a story about a woman coming to understand her conflicting desires and responsibilities.

Closer by David Rittey (12’) NZ

Sometimes silence can be the most revealing thing of all.

Clutch by Jacky Schulz (9’) AUS

Five-year-old Rosie and her father learn that there are different ways of being a princess.

Filatelista by Jakub Zaremba (6’) AUS

A man struggling to find his place in a foreign environment, searches in his memory for a lost link and a sense of belonging. Filatelista explores the process of synaesthesia, where memory is triggered by sounds associated with past experiences.

Fleeting Beauty by Virginia Pitt (15’) NZ

A naked man, stretched out, in love. Vibrant spices. Gentle caresses. Sensuality. Blurred drawings. The story of the colonisation of India. Love – Hate.

Grass by Simon Otto (7’) NZ

The grass is not always greener on the other side…

His Father’s Shoes by Sam Scott (7’) NZ

A son returns home to claim his inheritance

Le violoncelle by Adam Sebire (3’30) AUS

We track in and then around what appears to be Man Ray’s classic surrealist image Le Violon d’Ingres. Silhouettes – including that of an ancient Greek athlete dancing with serene surreality in the soft-focus background. The image then comes to life singing the poem believed to have inspired Satie’s exquisite Gymopedie N°1 – now set to that very composition before metamorphosing into her instrumental other, the body of a violoncello.

Man by Annika Glac (5’) AUS

Seven men, eighty-years old. A story about love and the fragility of life.

Marco Solo by Adrian Bosich (8’) AUS

Poor Marco. Accidentally born into an overcrowded Australian-Italian household, he is relegated to his parents’ bedroom. Nine years later, armed with a vivid imagination, an obsession with Dame Edna and a warped sense of Catholicism, Marco searches for a space of his own.

Mona Lisa by Sotiris Dounoukos (15’) AUS

Over a single night in their small suburban home, widow Helen, 62, and her only child, George, 34, play out a volatile family ritual as they struggle with the intensity and the intimacy of their co-dependent lives. George wants to go out for the night but his mother, lonely and terrified of a life spent alone, wants him to stay. Mona Lisa examines the psychological war that ensues and the way in which love, family and identity can come into direct conflict.

Rockpool by Zandra Palmer (12’) AUS

Rockpool is a contemporary slice of life crossing three generations where trivia is necessary and food the common language.

Three Weeks In Koh Samui
by Alistair Reid (14’) AUS

Gena is a single mum with two kids and an early flight to catch. The bags are packed and the taxi is waiting outside. Three weeks in Koh Samui might be the holiday she needs, but the simple act of leaving town makes her question a lot of things.

Two Cars, One Night
by Taika Waititi (11’) NZ

In the most unlikely of places, first love is found.

Ward 13 by Peter Cornwell (14’) AUS

What price would you put on your health? Ben is about to find out. Ward 13’s newest admission faces medical attention of unwanted kind – and no amount of apples will keep these doctors away.

We Have Decided Not To Die
by Daniel Askill (11’) AUS

Three rituals. Three people. Three journeys transcending modern time.