THURSDAY 21 - 18H SUNDAY 24 -14H30
Director : Jerald Harkness
Australia /2002 /90mins /35 mm /color /drama

Cast : Anastasia Seis,Travis McMahon,Nathan Dean Ramsey
In a world frequented by junkies, dealers and thieves, Laura is an angel searching for a way out. One night, a taxi ride spins her back in touch with an old friend, Jack, and the shelter she seeks. In a nearby alley, Trevor and his girlfriend, Fiona, kiss. They laugh and she teasingly calls for help. Her call is heard – and so is the gunshot that reverberates through the streets. A nation is transfixed by the Law TV broadcast of the trial of two Constables who stand accused of viciously beating and shooting Trevor. As the trial unfolds, the truth emerges – a truth imbued with the power to change the life of a girl who dreams of a world without dope.
Thursday 21st : Film introduced by J.Harkness & Anastasia Seis