The Jury
Members of the jury are : Patricia Lovell, Evelyne Bouix, Nicolas Rey, Agathe de la Boulaye, Manuel Blanc, Mathieu Simonet and Alexis Trégarot


BLUE TONGUE by Justin Kurzel
2004 -Australia -35mm -7 '
On the fringes of a housing estate, a girl seduces a boy with a secret.

BOY by Welby Ings
2004 - New-Zealand -35mm -15 '
In a New Zealand small town, a young prostitute tries to discover the truth behind a fatal accident.

BOYS GRAMMAR by Dean Francis
2005 -Australia -video -8 '
School yard bullying is taken to the extreme when a boy is raped by his peers in a school changing room. The boy confronts his attacker only to find that he too is caught up in a cycle of violence and intimidation which singles out those who are different.

CHEAP SEATS by Phillip Donnellon
2005 -Australia -35mm -15 '
Enjouer is an aging clown who's lost his place in the world. Tim Sheehan is a boy who hasn't found his yet. Through the most fleeting yet poignant of connections, they remind us that hope springs eternal, and touch is often the key.

CLARA by Van Sowerwine
2004 - Australia -35mm -7 '
A stop motion animation about a twelve-year-old girl whose world has just changed forever.

DANYA by Beth Armstrong
2005 -Australia - 35mm - 20 '
"Danya " is the story of a troubled eight-year-old girl, whose determination to find out about her late mother leads to a deeper connection with her remote father.

DON 'T SAY A WORD by Marek Blaha
2005 - Australia -35mm -5 '
"Don't Say a Word" is a tale that deals with the darkest corners of the human mind.

EVERYTHING GOES by Andrew Kotatko
2004 -Australia -35mm -18 '
Brianie and Jack are looking for furniture for their new flat. They meet Ray, who has brought the interior of his house out on his front lawn - all the remnants of his broken marriage. The young couple did not expect to bring so many things home…

INCARNATION by Elizabeth Foley
2005 - Australia -35mm -9 '
"Incarnation" is the journey of a birth, as seen from the point of view of a soul

MAN by Annika Glac
2003 -Australia -5mm -5 '
Seven men, eighty years old. A story about love and the fragility of life..

NOTHING SPECIAL by Helena Brooks
2005 New-Zealand -35mm -10 '
There's only one thing Billy wants: to be an everyday man. But can he escape his most enthusiastic fan?

PIRATE by Marion Lee
2005 -Australia -35mm -11 '
"Pirate" is a slice of life film, told through the eyes of eight-year-old Roxy. During a party celebrating her father's recent professorship, she discovers the complexity of the adult world.

REST STOP by Roseanne Liang
2005 - New-Zealand -35mm -9 '
New Zealand, 1955. On a cold night, a driver halts at a remote rest stop to investigate an abandoned car. This unlucky man is then involved in a series of horrific accidents.

RIDE by Steven Sinclair
2004 -New-Zealand -35mm -vostf -15 '
First impressions are sometimes deceitful.

TAMA TU by Taika Waititi
2005 -New-Zealand -35mm -18 '
Young Maori battalion soldiers wait for night to fall in the ruins of a war-torn Italian home. Forced into silence, they keep themselves amused as any boys would, with jokes and laughter. As they try and ignore the reminders of war around them, a sign brings them back to the world of the dying.

THE BROTHER by Harrison Chadd
2004 -Australia -35mm -15 '
As members of a family gather and await the return of a loved one, old recriminations and accusations bubble to the surface. This evening will determine the family's future.

WATER by Adam Stevens -2003
New-Zealand -35mm -15 '
Be careful of what you don't know.


BIRD IN THE WIRE - Opening screening - by Phillip Donnellon
2001 -Australia -35mm -2'
A coat hangers factory, a white pigeon and a young woman prove that even the briefest of encounters can break the monotony of everyday life.

ROSE - Antipodes junior - de Catherine Meyer-Baud
2005 - France/Australie -35mm -29 '
" Rose " tells the story of a young woman who roams the wilds of Northern Australia. We share her thoughts, her discovery of nature, her craving for freedom.