GALLIPOLI Antipodes junior
TUESDAY 18th - 2.30 PM
Director : Peter Weir
Australia /1981 /110 min /35 mm /colour /French subtitled

Cast : Mel Gibson, Mark Lee, Bill Hunter, Robert Grubb,
Tim McKenzie, David Argue, Bill Kerr
1915. Talented teenage sprinter Archy Hamilton dreams of escaping his isolated West Australian outback home to join the war effort abroad. Crossing paths, at a country athletics meeting, with fellow sprinter Frank Dunne, a city boy opposed to the war, the two strike up an unlikely friendship and Archy finally persuades Frank to sign up with him, Archy in the Lighthorse, Frank in the infantry. It's not long before they are sent to Egypt, where the Pyramids are their playground and where Frank is transferred to the same Lighthorse division as Archy. After a period of training and fun, during which they play pranks and climb the Pyramids, the two mates are shipped off to the front line at Gallipoli, Turkey, where the Australian soldiers are to lead a major offensive against a well fortified Turkish army.

8 AFI Awards 1981
1982 nomination at Golden Globes for Best Foreign Film