FRIDAY 21st - 10.30 PM
Director : Martin Murphy
Australia /2003 /83 min /35 mm /colour /French subtitled

Cast : Leon Ford,Charlie Garber, Lenka Kripac, Steve Le Marquand, Alex Vaughan
Four teenagers, with the end of school on the horizon, sneak away to a remote beach North of Sydney for a weekend of surfing, drinking and sexual tension. The boys have told their parents they are going alone; the girls have told theirs they are having a slumber party. Whose idea was the trip precisely, and why this particular stretch of coast? While the sun is high and the surf is up, who cares? But Emily senses that there's something unnatural about the place, and soon they all discover that they are not alone. There's Zippo, for a start, a strange beachcomber, and perhaps someone or something else. And soon, there is fear and mayhem on the empty beach.
Using the sweeping Australian beaches to induce a sense of agoraphobia, and the bush as a place of claustrophobia and untamed magic, " Lost Things " takes the audience into a world where death isn't the ultimate horror.