NAPOLEON Antipodes junior
TUESDAY 18th - 9.30 AM
Director : Mario Andreacchio
Australia/Japan /1995 /81 min /35 mm /colour /Frenc version

Production :Michael Bourchier, Mario Andreacchio
Clafoutis, a golden retriever puppy, lives in Sydney with his mum. But he dreams of venturing into the great unknown, where the wild dogs live. That's why he has renamed himself Napoléon! One day, he climbs into a basket tied to balloons and sets off. The adventure begins! He finally lands in the bush where, guided by Pierrot, a galah, he will meet teasing parrots, a sleepy koala, a fat wombat, a grousing echidna, a cranky frilled-neck lizard, a family of dingoes, and a young penguin. But it's not easy to live like a wild animal. And Napoléon misses his mum. A big red kangaroo and a tortoise will help him go home. But before, he must confront Méphisto, a mean feral cat…