NGATI Antipodes junior
WEDNESDAY 19th - 9.30 AM
Director : Barry Barclay
New-Zealand /1987 /89 min /35 mm /colour /French subtitled

Cast : Tuta Ngarimu Tamati, Ngawai Harrison, Wi Kuki Kaa, Oliver Jones,Ross Girven, Judy McIntosh
"Ngati" is set in 1948 in an imaginary small seaside town, the spiritual home of the local Maori tribe. A young Australian, recently qualified as a doctor, arrives on holiday to visit a non-Maori family. The father is the local doctor and his daughter is the school-teacher. Her relationship with the visiting Australian is at first stormy; she reacts angrily to his arrogant manner and his disparaging remarks about the Maoris. However, she notices as she takes him around that he is unquestioningly accepted by the Maoris. In the apparent peace of this small town, there is an under-current of change that is about to take place. It is a moment when the Maori people have to decide to take their lives into their own hands. The young doctor witnesses all these events, and when he discovers why his father had insisted so strongly he spend a holiday in this small town, he decides he will make it his new home.