WEDNESDAY 19th - 7.00 PM
Director : Julian Knowles
Australia /2005 /63 min /Video /colour /French subtitles

"One Day" is a drifting, hypnotic meditation on movement. Director, composer, sound and video artist Julian Knowles has an extensive background in Australian underground music, including his stint with experimental sound art ensemble Social Interiors. He has used the raw elements of his work to sculpt the kind of visual essay much loved by fans of Chris Marker or Chris Petit. " One Day " seeks to find new relationships between sound and image in a cinematic context. The entire material for the work was generated from a 12-hour drive from Sydney down the south coast of New South Wales. The vehicle was fitted with an array of video cameras and microphones, which captured a multi-dimensional perspective of the landscape and soundscape of the journey. The final work was then created through subtle editing and transformations of the field-captured material, uncovering the poetry and musicality of the vehicle as it moves through the landscape. - Julian Knowles