ONE NIGHT THE MOON Antipodes junior
THURSDAY 20th - 2.30 PM
Director : Rachel Perkins
Australia /2001 /55 min /35 mm /colour /French subtitled
Musical drama

Cast : Paul Kelly, Kelton Pell, Kaarin Fairfax, Memphis Kelly, Ruby Hunter, Chris Haywood, David Field

Australian outback, 1932. One night, entranced by the full moon, a little girl steps out of her bedroom window. When her parents check on her, she is gone. The police suggest Aboriginal tracker Albert Yang lead the search, but the father revolts, insisting that no black man is to set foot on his land. Instead, he gathers as many white men as he can find and conducts a line search across the desolate plains. Albert watches helplessly as every trace is stamped to dust. Some time later, with her daughter still missing, the mother makes a decision to act against the stubbornness of her husband and goes to find Albert, who has no trouble finding the child…

2002 Berlin and Sundance selections
2 AFI Awards 2001