SATURDAY 22nd - 5.00 PM
Director : Kieran Galvin
Australia /2005 /93 min /Video /colour /French subtitled

Cast : Nadia Townsend, Bernard Curry,Terry Donovan, Susan Ellis

Liz misses her dead brother and, for various reasons, contemplates suicide. Aiden, having stopped taking his much-needed medication, spies Liz at the supermarket and mistakes her for his missing wife Helen. He finds Liz later in the midst of her suicide attempt and carries her away to his remote rural property where he continues in his delusion while trying to get his life back on track. However, everything is well and truly off the rails. A complex and strangely beautiful relationship develops between these two troubled characters. " Puppy " is a story about madness, dependency and deception, and finding love in the most unlikely and strangest circumstances.

2005 Brisbane International Film Festival Selection