TUE. 18 8.30PM - WED. 19 5.00PM
Director : Bob Swaim
France/New-Zealand /1998 /98 min /35 mm /colour /French subtitled - Drama/Comedy

Cast : John Hurt, Gregory Smith, David Strathairn, Stephen McHattie, Sarah Buxton

13-year old Danny Himes is determined to be the first boy in town to climb to the top of the local radio tower before it is torn down. By this feat, he would prove his courage to his friends, and redeem the alleged cowardice of his father, who is said to have gotten himself discharged to avoid going to the war. Danny's plans are shattered when he breaks his arm and is asked to look after a dying elderly neighbour. Against all odds, a bond develops between the two of them, and the old man offers to help Danny climb the tower in spite of his cast, hoping for a favour of a much more serious nature in return…

UNICEF Best Film Award - Berlin Festival 1998