MONDAY 17th - 9.00 PM
Director : Robert Connolly
Australia /2005 /110 min /35 mm /colour /French subtitled

Cast : David Wenham, Frances O ’Connor, Sarah Wynter,
Joanna Hunt-Prokhovnik, Robert Menzies, David Roberts.
Eddie Harnovey is a rarity in today's world: an honest, decent, compassionate man who puts other people's welfare before his own. He also looks like a man who has it all: a beautiful wife, a sweet little daughter and a good job as a chemical engineer. But soon, it all
starts to unravel. Eddie's integrity forces him to make a personal decision that could cost him his job, his wife's academic tenure is suspended, and their daughter has an epileptic fit. As ever bigger cracks start to form in the Harnovey family's version of the great Australian dream, Eddie digs back into the memories of his own past to make sense of it all, which leads him back to his childhood sweetheart, Amanda, whom he inexplicably crashes into every 9 1/2 years. Through Eddie's own descent into financial and personal insecurity, Robert Connolly and Elliot Perlman make some bruising statements about the battering indifference of today's world and its loss of integrity and honesty.

Festival des Films du Monde Montréal 2005 Selection