TUESDAY 18th - 5.00 PM
Director : Ian Mune
New-Zealand /1999 /103 min /35 mm /colour /French subtitled

Cast : Temuera Morrison, Nancy Brunning, Clint Eruera,
Rena Owen, Pete Smith, Lawrence Makoare

The 1994 drama " Once Were Warriors " told the sad but compelling tale of Jake and Beth Heke, victims of violence and alcoholism in New Zealand's Maori community. " What Becomes of the Broken Hearted? " picks up the story several years later. Jake is up to his old tricks. He and his fists are a regular feature at McClutchy's Bar. He has turned his back on his family after his wife Beth and their children left him to seek a life beyond violence and uncertainty. But after Nig, his eldest son, is killed in a gang fight, Jake has an explosive confrontation with his family which sets him on a downward spiral. Rejected by his family and his new girlfriend, banned from his home away from home at the bar, and humiliated in front of his mates, Jake crumbles. Just when it seems everyone has had enough of Jake Heke, he encounters two Maori brothers, who equal him in power and strength but regard his fighter's life as a foolish waste. The pair set him on the path to redemption. But while Jake is struggling with his own demons, his second son Sonny has teamed up with Nig's bereft girlfriend to try and avenge his death. They join a rival gang in order to muster their support. They are soon drawn deeper and deeper into the violent vortex of gang life, and when Sonny realizes the gang will never help them avenge his brother, he decides to go at it alone. He gets retribution, but sparks a gang war. Jake decides to put aside the anger that alienates him from his son, and go to his aid. But tragedy has already struck…

9 New Zealand Film Awards 1999