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  • Break by Shona McCullagh - 2006 – 14’ (NZ)
    A mother struggles with a decision that will shatter her family
  • Crooked Mick by Philip Smith - 2005 – 11’ (AUS)
    Strong-Arm Sam and his promoter Gus are down on their luck. Sick and tired of hearing about how much stronger Crooked Mick of the Speewah is. They decide to travel to the Speewah to challenge him.
  • Sexy Thing by Denie Pentecost - 2006 – 14’ (AUS)
    On a dry, suburban day, a child's secrets can be seen foreve.
  • The Saviour by Peter Templeman - 2005 – 18’ (AUS)
    Malcolm is a gentle effective door to door evangelist who’s in love with a married woman. With pressure mounting from his church to convert her. Malcolm decides his bible is the very weapon he needs too destroy her marriage.
  • The Sea by Simon Gray – 2006 – 8’ (AUS)
    A young boy works in the mines with his father, a collier showing the first signs of Black Lung. Spending his days confined within the dark bowels of the earth, his only respite is the gentle, encouraging presence of his father and his fascination with an ancient underwater city model his father builds.
  • Bad Habits by Jason Ramp – 2006 – 9’ (AUS)
    Bill has to make a compromise when forced to choose between his wife and his best mate. His best mate is his dog Seven.
  • Monster by Jennifer Kent – 2005 – 10’ (AUS)
    A mother battles with her son’s fear of a monster lurking in the closet. But soon discovers a sinister presence all around her.

  • A Message from Fallujah by Richard Gibson – 2005 – 15’ (AUS)
    Daniel Crane, a civil engineer helping to rebuild war-torn Iraq, is kidnapped on his last day in Fallujah. He finds himself beaten and alone, a hostage in the drama of war..
  • Snow by Dustin Feneley - 2006 – 15’ (AUS)
    A boy, a man, and the space between... snow covers all.
  • Australian Summer by Luke Eve – 2005 – 7’ (AUS)
    Two men, one alleyway and a whole world to explore.
  • The Little Things by Reina Webster - 2005 – 12’ (NZ)
    When it's your fourteenth birthday and nobody seems to notice, it can be the little things that really matter the most.
  • Nature’s Way by Jane Shearer - 2006 – 10’ (NZ)
    A young girl is murdered and left for dead deep in native forest. The murderer's first instincts tell him he'll get caught, but as time goes on he thinks he's got away with it. Unfortunately for him, first instincts are usually right as nature aids revenge..
  • Silence by Michael Yee – 2006 – 13’ (AUS)
    Thirteen year old Sarah has recently learned a horrible truth. She must speak up before it is too late.
  • Karma by Damon Fepulea’i - 2005 – 11’ (NZ)
    When Colin commits what he thinks is a harmless crime, he inadvertently sets in motion a chain of events and soon discovers that what goes round certainly does come round.