> wednesday 11th, 14:30

Billy is a chubby, girlish boy who would rather daydream about being Lana, the heroine of his favourite TV show, "Adventures in Space," than play rugby. His best friend - and complete opposite - is his cousin Lou, who would rather be Brad, the show's rugged hero. Lou can't wait until the day when she can cut off her long hair - and Billy can't wait either: Lou's promised to give it to him, so he'll have a real ponytail, instead of having to make do with a cow’s tail. Such innocent ignorance is bliss, of course, but it doesn't last long. Billy and Lou become acutely aware that society at large frowns sternly upon messing around with gender roles, and it isn't long before Billy is labelled a "poofter." And when Billy falls head over heels for a hunky farmhand - and so does Lou - things get rather complicated and even dark. For while much of the film is whimsical, it doesn't forget that childhood friendships can be rocked by raging torrents of adolescent hormones that arouse meanness, betrayal and the rawest jealousy.

>> Toronto Intenational Film Festival Selection, 2005

Nzw-Zealand / 2005 / 90 min / video / colour / comedy

Director : Steward Main
Script : Stewart Main, from Graeme Aitken's novel
Cinematography : Simon Raby
Editing : Peter Roberts
Music : Peter Scholes
Production : Michele Fantl

Cast : Andrew Paterson, Harriet Beattie, Jay Collins, Michael Dorman, Georgia McNeil, Rima Te Wiata