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Emily, 17, is on the verge of emerging into life, struggling with the cocoon of the small coastal town she lives in with her mother, Susan, a barmaid. She wants to know where she comes from. According to her mother, her father was a drifter with no name. Emily doubts the story and takes photos of every man in town, searching for a resemblance. When she is handed a bible inscribed to her mother from her absent grandparents, Emily seeks them out to learn the truth. One day, she is given a bible having apparently belonged to her mother. Puzzled by the dedication, Emily tries to get in contact with her grandparents. As she investigates further, her actions affect the lives of all those around her. The adults have long given up trying, but Emily wants to make things rights, to understand, to communicate. In her headstrong quest, she will unearth painful secrets and force those around her to face reality and transform their lives.

Australia / 2006 / 94 min / 35 mm / colour / comedy drama

Director : Sandra Sciberras
Script : Sandra Sciberras
Cinematography : Greig Fraser
Editing : Jason Ballantine
Music :  Burkhard Dallwitz
Production : Kate Whitbread

Cast : Victoria Thaine, Susie Porter, Wendy Hughes, Philip Quast, Robert Mammone, Khan Chittenden