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Rewi, a young, tormented Maori, returns home after a long absence to find that his village, Te Mata, has profoundly changed. He keeps his distance from his family and friends, and pushes the woman he loves into the arms of another man. Kara, the elder and acknowledged leader of Te Mata, feels the unease in Rewi's psyche and senses the emotional and spiritual damage he suffers. But like all spiritual healers she wisely waits his time to unburden himself even though her time is running out. The first feature film ever directed by a Maori woman, the film is suffused by the “life force” (“mauri”) principle that is at the heart of Maori culture. Merata Mita offers a beautiful rendition of the landscapes and mythology of her country.

New-Zealand / 1988 / 109 min / 35 mm / colour / drama

Director : Merata Mita
Script : Merata Mita
Cinematography : Graeme Cowley
Editing : Nicholas Beauman
Music : Amokura
Production : Merata Mita

Cast : Anzac Wallace, Eva Rickard, James Hayward, Geoff Murphy, Rangamarie Delamere