> wednesday 11th, 9:30

Pobby and Dingan are invisible. They are Kelly-Anne’s imaginary friends. The little girl lives with her parents and her older brother Ashmol in Lightning Ridge, an isolated town in the Australian outback renowned for its opals. The father, Rex, an unlucky miner, is very lenient with his beloved daughter, which unnerves Ashmol. When Pobby and Dingan suddenly disappear, Kelly-Anne, grief-stricken, begins to fade away. Ashmol, in an uncharacteristic display of affection, recruits the whole town in the search for Pobby and Dingan. In the end, however, he discovers that only he can find them, and he can only find them if he too begins to believe they are real…

>> Grand Prix and Best Director Award, Valenciennes Film Festival 2006

Australia/UK / 2005 / 85 min / 35 mm / colour / French dubbed/ drama

Director : Peter Cattaneo
Script : Peter Cattaneo, Ben Rice (from his novel), Phil Traill
Cinematography : Robert Humphreys
Editing : Jim Clark
Music :  Dario Marianelli
Production : Lizie Gower, Nick Morris, Emile Sherman

Cast : Vince Colosimo, Jacqueline McKenzie, Christian Byers, Sapphire Boyce