9émes Rencontres Internationales du Cinéma des Antipodes
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Gardens of the Ambassade du Tourisme

Organised in a partnership with Galerie Nathalie Duchayne, this space opens on the gardens of the Ambassade du Tourisme and propose a French glance on Australia through the lenses of photographers Pauline Daniel, Alain Longeaud, Michel Andréo as well as pieces of Greg Semu who currently exposes in the Quai Branly Museum in Paris.


Expo Pauline Daniel

Born in 1976, graduated from ENSP in Arles.

Lives and works in south of France. The series “De Terra Nullius à Terra Touristica,quel avenir pour le people Aborigène?” is the result of several visits to Australia and her relections. Far from being a classic documentary, the series give a personal view to the spectator. The triptics relect the doubts and questions that confronted the photographer during her visits. 

Born in Paris, he devoted himself to photography after studying music and mathematics. As assistant to Helmut Newton, it was Ralph Gibson who guided him in his work : “to always concentrate on my own personal creations in addition to being a professional photographer. One rule only : a photo is unique and must support itself.

”These pictures are part of a series called “Impressions Australes” and were taken in January 2006 between Adelaide and Sydney. He got to know this continent-country, without pre-conceptions, just letting the emotions come out, seeing through the photos what he could feel. The photos presented are the relection of this: “Solitude, space, the vastness and a pleasant strangeness impressed me”

Expo Alain Longeaud

Born in 1966, lives and works in France. Close friend of A.J Hackett, the  inventor  of  bungy  jumping  and  emblematic  igure  of  extreme sport in New Zeeland. It’s thanks to him that Michel decided to travel in Australia. Passionate of photo reportage, he photographs contem-  porary scenes, reworking the images, diverting the supports.