9émes Rencontres Internationales du Cinéma des Antipodes
      Call Me Mum
Thursday 9, 9.30
Saturday 13, 14.30

In this moving drama constructed from interlinking monologues, a white Australian foster mother, Kate, is on a plane escorting Warren, her 18-year-old Torres Strait Islander foster son, to meet his sick birth mother Flo, in hospital in Brisbane. Flo hasn't seen Warren since she took him to the hospital when he was a toddler and the authorities took him away. However Kate's Brisbane-based parents are planning a different kind of reunion.

directed by Margot Nash

Australia / 2005 / 76 min / video / color / Comedy-drama


Screenplay : Kathleen Mary Fallon
Cinematography : Andrew De Groot
Editing : Denise Haratzis
Music :  David Bridie
Production : Michael McMahon

Cast : Catherine McClements, Lynette Curran, Vicki Sailor, Dayne Christian.

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