9émes Rencontres Internationales du Cinéma des Antipodes
      Event 16
Wednesday 10, 14.30

Matt, a young inventor on the cusp of a breakthrough creation in his garage workshop, is about to lose his girlfriend due to his obsession, when an 1893 cat strolls into the workshop through a wall that his invention created. Soon police, undercover agents and murderers are all hunting for Matt and his girlfriend in a race, not only against, but through time.

Wellington 2006 Selection

directed by Derek Pearson

New-Zealand / 2006 / 72 min / video / colour / anticipation


Screenplay : Derek Pearson
Cinematography : Stephen Press
Editing : Derek Pearson
Production : Derek Pearson, Catherine Fitzgerald

Cast : Peter Rutherford, Jocelyn Christian, Ezra Keddell, Julian White, John Porter, Brett Ormsby, James Stewart, Andrea Chapman.

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