9émes Rencontres Internationales du Cinéma des Antipodes
  Tjibaou, le pardon
Wednesday 10, 19.00

In a tiny village deep in rural southwest France a family restaurant is about to celebrate it's 100th anniversary. In her late 60's, Jeannette Murat is nursing her gravely ill father at home while working around the clock to produce sumptuous five course lunches for the local quarry workers and truck drivers. Her daughter Sylvie also works fulltime at the restaurant, and she is the fifth generation of women in the family to keep the business going, perpetuating a gastronomic tradition that is rapidly disappearing from the French countryside.

Our film tells the story of the restaurant and of the five generations of women who have kept it going through two World Wars and great family difficulties. 'Lunch with Madame Murat' is a moving family story about love; about wonderful food and about a way of life that may sadly soon disappear from the French landscape.


directed by Mary Moody & Richard Turner

Australia / 2006 / 52 min / video / colour /


Production : David Hannay, Mary Moody, Richard Turner


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