9émes Rencontres Internationales du Cinéma des Antipodes
      Roy Hollsdotter Live
Wednesday 10, 17.00

Roy Fitzgerald Höllsdotter is a thirty seven year old stand up comedian at the height of his powers, plying a reasonable trade in one-liners and occasional sight gags on audiences of tipsy suburbanites in the back rooms of sticky carpeted hotels.
When his best friend and landscape gardener, Andrew Simpson, discovers that Roy is stalking his ex-girlfriend, Cate, he allays his growing concern by keeping Roy company and, hopefully, out of trouble.

"Roy Höllsdotter Live" is a study of friendship, genius and insanity - and the connections between them.

directed by Matthew Saville

Australia / 2002 / 53 min / video / colour / Comedy


Screenplay : Matthew Saville
Cinematography : Laszlo Baranyai
Editing : Geoff Hitchins
Music : Bryony Marks, Bret King
Production : Trevor Blainey

Cast : Darren Casey, Luke Elliot, Asher Keddie, Maude Davey, John Clarke.

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