9émes Rencontres Internationales du Cinéma des Antipodes
      Tjibaou, le pardon
Tuesday 9 , 19.00

On the 4th May 1989, less than one year after the Matignon agreement was signed to ease tensions in New Caledonia, Jan-Marie Tjibaou and his colleague Yeiwéné Yéiwéné were murdered by another Kanak, Djubelli Wéa, who was also later killed. Fifteen years on their widows attempt to heal the deep divisions caused by their deaths.

directed by Gilles Dagneau

France / 2006 / 52 min / video / colour / French,


Screenplay : Walles Kotra and Gilles Dagneau
Cinematography : Nicolas Luiggi, Désiré Menrempon, Pierre Vachet
Editing : Valérie Pasteau
Music :  Alain Genty
Production : Dominique Richard


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