SUNDAY MAY, 16 2004 6:00 PM
Cinéma de Valbonne, Les Visiteurs du Soir
With actor Charlie Bleakley
by Shona McCullagh - New-Zealand - 2002 - 5 minutes

New Zealand / 2003 / 96 minutes / 35mm / Colour / English with French subtitles
Director: Stuart McKenzie / Screenplay: Stuart McKenzie / Cinematography: Duncan Cole / Music: Shayne Carter / Editor: Paul Sutorius, Richard Hobbs / Producer: Neil Paddington / Cast: Michelle Langstone, Tim Balme, Miranda Harcourt, Tim Gordon, Adam Gardiner.
Lisa Pierce decides to investigate a rape and murder story that occurred nearly twelve years ago. The victim was a school friend, and Lisa comes to realise that the death has affected her more than she realised or ever thought possible. Lisa believes that, in bringing to light this drama from the past, she will begin to find herself …
For Good marks Stuart McKenzie's first fictional feature film. Previously, he produced, wrote and directed numerous screenplays for short films such as The Mouth and the Truth (1991), Ends Meat (1992), Chinese Whispers (1996) and Voiceover (1997).