THURSDAY MAY, 20 2004 6:00 PM
Cinéma de Valbonne, Les Visiteurs du Soir
Australia / 2003 / 55 minutes / 35mm / Colour / English with French subtitles
Director: Sofya Gollan / Screenplay: Sofya Gollan / Cinematography: Cordelia Beresford / Music: Amanda Brown / Editing: Simon Marin / Producer: Della Churchill / Cast: Jacqueline McKenzie, Jack Finsterer, Fiona Martinelli, Simon Burke, Kris McQuade.
Daphne no longer believes in love. She would no longer believe in anything if she didn’t keep in touch with her father via the medium of … a telepathic photographer. Working as a taxidermist in Sydney during the 1890s Depression, Daphne advertises for a female tenant to help make ends meet. However, only Nick, a labourer responds. With heavy-lidded eyes and a husky voice, Nick has the look of a man with a secret.
A graduate of both NIDA (the National Institute of Dramatic Art) and AFTRS, Sofya Gollan began her career as an actor before directing more than a dozen short films, earning her international recognition. Preservation is part of a new Australian Film Commission initiative and marks the debut of her career as a director of feature films. Deaf since birth, Sofya directs films that are as beautiful to watch as they are to hear..

Australia - 2003 - 54 minutes - 35mm - English with French subtitles
Director : Jo Kennedy
Cast : Jacqueline Mckenzie, Jack Finsterer, Fiona Martinelli, Kris McQuade
It’s Ashley and Mike’s tenth wedding anniversary. To celebrate, Mike buys his wife a bunch of roses and takes her to her favourite restaurant. Everything seems fine, but is it? Ashley has had a dream that unnerved her, and she wants to talk about it, but Mike doesn’t.
How do you tell if someone really loves you? How do you tell if someone is lying to you?’ Over the course of one eventful evening, Ashley tries to find out. She visits family and friends in her quest for the truth.