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Ian Darling Ian Darling is an award winning documentary filmmaker. His director and producer credits include « The Oasis », « In The Company of Actors »,  « Alone Across Australia » and « Woodstock for Capitalists ». In 2008 he won the AFI Award for Best Direction in a Documentary for « The Oasis ». He is a recipient of the AbaF Business Arts Leadership Award and in 2009 his photo "Jon" was a finalist in the National Photographic Portrait Prize at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra. He has recently written and directed the short fiction film, « Polly and Me » and was producer of Wall Boy. He is also directing and producing the feature documentary « Jon and Suzy – An Environmental Love Story ».

He manages the Shark Island Foundation and the Shark Island Documentary Fund, which supports Australian documentary filmmakers and the local film industry. In addition, he is Chair of the Sydney Theatre Company and the STC Foundation, founder and Chair of Documentary Australia Foundation, a philanthropic initiative supporting the documentary film industry in Australia, and Chair of The Caledonia Foundation, a private foundation focusing on the education, training and welfare of disadvantaged young Australians.

He has a MBA from IMD Switzerland, a BA from the Australian National University and has studied at the New York Film Academy.